Shoreview Snow Removal

Shoreview Snow Removal

Snow Plowing in Shoreview

Snow removal in Shoreview Minnesota is a necessity we have to endure every year, fortunately, Yale Creek is here to help! We’ve expanded our snow plowing service to the north metro area, including Shoreview, and are now accepting new monthly contracts. We are fully licensed and insured and have outstanding reviews for customer service. We pride ourselves on communication with our customers so you will always know when to expect our professional operators to arrive and clear the snow from your dives.

Shoreview Residential Snow Plowing

When a big storm is forecasted, it’s reassuring to know your driveway will be plowed on schedule and you won’t be trapped inside. This is one reason why we highly recommend a seasonal Shoreview snow removal service for our clients. When the snow reaches a defined depth, there is no need to call, just relax knowing that your property will be serviced by our team of trained professionals. No matter how many times or how frequently it snows, your seasonal agreement has you covered.

If you are planning to be out of town or just can’t shovel the snow for whatever reason, we do offer one time snow plowing service. Our season customers always take priority, therefore, call early to reserve any opening we may have in the schedule.

Commercial Snow Removal in Shoreview

Yale Creek has a fleet of new trucks to handle all of your snow plowing needs. We can deliver a complete package of snow removal services including plowing, snow blowing walks and deicing needs. In the event that a large storm comes through Shoreview, we have heavy machinery on call, including front loaders. We can clear large lots quickly and efficiently with our expertise and professional equipment.

SNOW REMOVAL PRICING - We will work with you to arrive at a price and plan that is appropriate for you property. Whether you are looking for a one time snow plow or a per event schedule, we can provide an option that will work with your budget.

24-hours emergency service is available for your convenience; however, we recommend not waiting for that emergency to strike to think about your Shoreview snow removal needs. For cheaper rates and priority service, our seasonal contract. Emergency service will be scheduled only after we have met our existing client’s needs. It's a nice piece of mind to know your driveway will be clear of snow when you arrive home from your work day.


Fall & Spring Clean-Up

Yard clean up

Debris Removal Services

One of the tricks to a beautiful yard is spring and fall clean-up. Removing the debris in a timely fashion is essential to a healthy lawn. 

  • Leaf Removal and Disposal.
  • Perennial Garden Pruning.
  • De-Thatching of lawn.

Yard Clean-Up Service...


Seasonal Outdoor Decor

Minneapolis Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor Enhancements

The changing of the seasons is a great opportunity to bring the warmth of your home to the front porch with natural seasonal decor.


  • Spruce Top Planters.
  • Customized Seasonal Designs
  • Unique Outdoor Creations

Outdoor Decor Service...


Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lakeville Lawn Care

Yard & Lawn Services

We take great pride in making your lawn look its best. Using our commercial grade mowers, a perfect cut is guaranteed.


  • Cutting and Maintaining Grass.
  • Fertilizer Applications.
  • String Trimming and Edging.

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Gardens & Landscapes

Landscapes Mulch & Gardening

Gardens & Landscapes

We offer the best in garden and landscape maintenance services. Our distinctive designs will breathe new life into your outdoor spaces.


  • Flower, Shrub and Tree Installation.
  • Plant and Tree Replacement
  • Mulching and Gardening Services

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Minneapolis - St. Paul

We provide our lawn and snow service to the southern portion of  Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota. 


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West Metro

North Metro

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