Dexter The Lawn Dog

Dexter in his dogglesGreetings humans, my name is Dexter and welcome to my blog.

My humans have a strange routine of going to other humans dens and doing lawn maintenance. For reasons unbeknownst to me, they refer to this as "work" and "job." Like most humans, from time to time they forget what life is about while doing this thing they call a "job" and I think they invite me along to remind them. It's not an easy trick, I have to pull some serious stunts to draw their attention away from "work." I'll be using this blog to detail my adventures and document their strange behavior as I attempt to train them.

My Evolution of Composting

composting at home

When I first thought about composting, back in, oh the early 90s, I knew absolutely nothing about it. I didn’t even know how to begin; I only knew that we had lots of oak leaves in our yard every fall that the trash haulers would pick up in giant black plastic trash bags and haul them away to I knew not where. My children were in elementary school back then, and I was a stay-at-home mom/day care provider to my sisters’ kids. One fall day, while walking the four blocks to pick the kids up from school, I came upon an elderly lady who was raking her leaves from her boulevard. I commented, “It never ends, does it?” She smiled and replied, “Oh, you can never have too many leaves”. That reply surprised and puzzled me. I was used to grumping about raking the leaves every fall, not viewing them in a positive light.

Twist and Ouch

Shoveling snow

Looking back at the place I've lived, I'm glad to be in Southern Nevada. We had a bit of winter like weather here last week. Temps so low my poor lemon and orange trees got frostbite, lost their leaves and spoiled their fruit. We even had a couple days here where we could see snow atop Black Mountain. We even had some white stuff fall from the sky. It really was not snow but just a temporary light dusting of sleet which melted almost immediately. This is a far cry from the winters I experienced growing up and living until the 1970's in Northeastern Ohio.

Spring Yard and Garden Tips

Spring tips for the yard

The snow has finally melted and the bulbs are starting to peek through the ground. It is time to get your yard and garden ready for the upcoming growing season. Here are some tips on what can be done to get your yard and garden looking its best!

Planting Seeds in the Online Garden

Planting Seeds

Just recently I took on the project of designing this website for Ryan and Andrea. As we venture out into the World Wide Web looking to expand the company, I can’t help but to draw a comparison to planting a garden. With a garden, you plant your seeds and nurture them until they bloom or bear fruit. In many ways, designing and optimizing a website works the same way.

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Fall & Spring Clean-Up

Yard clean up

Debris Removal Services

One of the tricks to a beautiful yard is spring and fall clean-up. Removing the debris in a timely fashion is essential to a healthy lawn. 

  • Leaf Removal and Disposal.
  • Perennial Garden Pruning.
  • De-Thatching of lawn.

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Seasonal Outdoor Decor

Minneapolis Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor Enhancements

The changing of the seasons is a great opportunity to bring the warmth of your home to the front porch with natural seasonal decor.


  • Spruce Top Planters.
  • Customized Seasonal Designs
  • Unique Outdoor Creations

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Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lakeville Lawn Care

Yard & Lawn Services

We take great pride in making your lawn look its best. Using our commercial grade mowers, a perfect cut is guaranteed.


  • Cutting and Maintaining Grass.
  • Fertilizer Applications.
  • String Trimming and Edging.

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Snow Removal Service

Lakeville Snow Removal

Winter Weather

When it comes to snow plowing and snow removal in Lakeville, Burnsville or surrounding areas, we have the experience you need to get the job done!


  • Commercial and Residential Plowing.
  • Clearing Walks with Blowers and Shovels.
  • Complete Deicing Services.

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Gardens & Landscapes

Landscapes Mulch & Gardening

Gardens & Landscapes

We offer the best in garden and landscape maintenance services. Our distinctive designs will breathe new life into your outdoor spaces.


  • Flower, Shrub and Tree Installation.
  • Plant and Tree Replacement
  • Mulching and Gardening Services

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Service Area


Minneapolis - St. Paul

We provide our lawn and snow service to the southern portion of  Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota. 


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West Metro

North Metro

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